about the game

The most realistic virtual fidget spinner for your smartphone! Use your finger to spin the spinner left or right, shake the phone to flip your spinner in any direction! Win rounds in an arcade game, guess new tricks and sweep the sweet rewards! Repeat tricks and get extra points. Each new victory leads to the discovery of a new spinner.
Can you guess all the tricks and open all spinners?



Playing with your flippy spinner will be even more interesting and diverse thanks to original tricks. Each trick with a spinner is encrypted in the picture. Try to flip the spinner in different directions to guess the trick. The special progress indicator will helps you to do that. Look the video below to lear how to make the "Frog" trick! Can yo do it yourself?


Play in arcade mode, win and get the opportunity to double your points! Check yourself, can you keep the pace? Spin the spinner in the right direction while the timer is ticking, sustain the specified number of rounds and you won! Each victory is another step to a new level. Start to play now!